A shout-out to Peet’s Coffee & Tea in Silver Spring, MD

good customer service at Peet's CoffeeWorking in retail or a restaurant can be a tough job. You are on your feet most of the day. You normally have to deal with rude or impolite customers. The hours can be long. And let’s face it, the pay isn’t all that great either.

So I was pleased by how well treated I was at Peet’s Coffee & Tea on East-West Highway in Silver Spring, MD yesterday afternoon. When I stopped by to purchase a cup of coffee, I requested a “regular cup.” The person behind the counter said, “We don’t sell regular coffee, but we do sell amazing coffee.”

Playing along, I said, “Well, in that case, I want an amazing cup of small coffee.”

We both smiled and laughed.

Customer service. Sometimes it’s the small things that matter the most.

A smile here. A joke there. It goes a long way to help you improve your brand, encourage more customers, and ultimately, increase your sales.

If you are ever in Silver Spring, MD, I would encourage you to stop by Peet’s Coffee & Tea. The place will cheer up your day.

photo credit: DSC07149 via photopin (license)

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