AA-ISP Inside Sales 2015 – San Francisco

I’m an active member of AA-ISP. If you have time, I would encourage you to attend the AA-ISP Inside Sales Conference Series in to San Francisco on February 12th. This is a one-day event that will help inside sales people serving on the frontlines of sales. They are not going to bore you with a lot of academic discussions. Instead, they have invited more than 20 inside sales experts who will offer you real world advice to help your career.

They will focus on providing you with solutions and best practices to help increase your sales, and make you more successful.

Based on the organization’s website, topics will include effective prospecting lead generation, social media trends, and sales coaching.

Some of the speakers will include Steve Richard, Founder of VorsightBP (I took training from his company – very good), Sally Duby, GM of The Bridge Group, and Henry Danser, Regional VP of Sales for Noble Systems.

I will offer more details later.

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