Are inquiries sales leads?

When a prospect inquires about your products and services, is that a sales lead?

No. It’s just an inquiry.

There are two kinds of prospects – curiosity seekers and serious buyers.

The curiosity seeker is usually someone who is inquiring about your products or services. Maybe he did a Google search and came across your company and has some questions. Maybe he stopped by your booth at a trade show and wanted to learn more about what you do. Or maybe he picked up your sales literature and actually read it, and wants to know more about what you do.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the curiosity seeker is a sales lead. You may be able to turn the curiosity seeker into a sales lead. How? By asking good qualifying questions, determining need, discovering problems or pain points, and uncovering the timeline. If you are getting a lot of vague answers or the classic “I’m just shopping around” response, mention one or two options and see if the prospect bites. If you are still getting vague answers, it’s time to move on.

Curiosity seekers can drain your time, energy and motivation.

Curiosity kills the catTo twist an old saying, not only does curiosity kill the cat but it can also kill your sales.

On the other hand, a serious buyer is a real sales lead. He’s done his homework. He asked around seeking referrals. Sure, he went to Google to check you out. But he also checked out your competition too. So he’s not just window shopping – he’s comparison shopping. And most important of all, he has a budget. He’s ready to pull the trigger. You just need to make sure he pulls the trigger your way.

Inquiries. Sales leads. Just make sure you know the difference before spending too much time with a prospect.

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