Are you listening? Part 1

The greatest skill in selling isn’t talking – it’s listening.

Think about it. What do your prospects and clients like to do? Talk. They want to talk about their problems. You, on the other hand, would like to talk about your products and services. Well, that’s OK. But before you start talking, shouldn’t you listen first? I mean, rather than do a product dump, and tell everyone how great your products are, shouldn’t you first find out what the prospect actually wants? How are you going to do that?

By listening.

Below and in the next couple of posts are YouTube videos from experts on their take on how to be better listeners.

Gerry Layo, speaker, and sales coach argues that listening is a skill that you can learn. He makes the point that it’s the dialogue not monologue that will help you get sales.

Here is his video –

Dan Caramanico, author, and sales coach advises salespeople not to jump the gun when speaking to prospects.

Here is his video –

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