From IQuantum Digital, 15 Digital Marketing Tips and more

seo and digital marketingWant a quick lesson on the key tips you need to create an effective digital marketing plan?

Check out IQuantum Digital’s presentation offering 15 Digital Marketing Tips on YouTube.

Here are some key takeaways –

1). Look at your website first to see if you are attracting enough traffic and obtaining well-qualified leads.

2). Examine your social media sites, including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. and ask yourself – Do you need them? Which ones do you need?

3) Do you have Consistent Branding across the board?

4). How many unique visitors are coming to your website per month?

5). What percentage of new and repeat visitors are coming to your website per month?

6). What can you do to improve things?

IQuantum Digital also offers a great series of blogs, including “Key Trends in Digital Marketing,” “What to do when your Website Sucks,” and “Is your Digital Marketing Strategy working for you?”

Some of the key takeaways from their blogs –

1). Consumers are spending more time making buying decisions based on the opinions of industry thought leaders from social media sites like blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn. This means in many cases salespeople are having less influence in persuading clients to make purchasing decisions.

2). Consumers are impatient when it comes to dealing with bad websites. If there is too much friction in making a buying decision online, they will go elsewhere. Given the amount of competition these days, you can’t afford to have clients walk out the door, figuratively speaking. The point – have a great website with easy to follow instructions, good visuals, and quick access to help via email or phone, and I would suggest a good FAQ format.

3). Your website must help you to quickly convert visitors into prospects, who in turn, will hopefully become sales leads. If your website has that 1990s feel and look to it, it’s time to enter the 21st century — quickly, before you lose business to your competitors.

4). Your website must look good on both your phone and tablet, along with your desktop computer.

5). You only have a few seconds to make a strong impression on visitors. If they don’t like the look and feel of your site, they will quickly move on.

6). Are you integrating your website with other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to generate more leads and brand awareness? If not, do it.

I would encourage you to check out their website. Meanwhile, please check out their video below –

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