How to get past the gatekeeper, Part 3

In parts 1 and 2 of this post, I shared with you videos from experts on how to get past the gatekeeper. Here is another selection of videos to help you.

Jeffrey Gitomer, a sales expert, argues that the best way to get around the gatekeeper is to stop wasting your time going after lower-level people. Instead, focus on going after the higher-level people by offering them ideas that will improve their business. In short, don’t promote your product or service, but offer something of value that will gain the interest of the decision-maker and get you the appointment.

Here is his video –

Warren Greshes, a best-selling author, argues that one of the best ways of getting around the gatekeeper is to call when they are not in the office, e.g., early in the morning, during lunch or after hours. He makes a strong point that you should never argue with the gatekeeper – try to get them on your side.

Here is his video –

Claude Whitacre, an author, argues that the best way of getting past the gatekeeper is not to sound like a salesperson when you call. Instead, you should sound like someone the decision-maker has already spoken to and is expecting a call.

Here is his video –

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