How to handle Price Objections, Part 1

One of the most common objections salespeople hear is about price.

How would you handle price objections? Below I’ve collected some YouTube videos from leading sales experts on how they would handle this objection. I will summarize each video, and in my last post on the topic, I will offer some of my own suggestions and key takeaways from the videos.

Victor Holman, from Lifecycle Performance, outlined 7 suggestions to help you. His suggestions are – Ask thought-provoking questions, discount, change the package, explain your value added, argue your case from the buyer’s perspective, reassure the buyer and deal with the objection later.

Here is his video on YouTube –

Alan Gordon, from the Big Book of Sales, has an excellent two-part series on how to handle price objections. He makes a very good argument that price objections are really buying signals from the client. The client has already made up his mind that he wants to buy the product or service. The real question is does he buy it from you or your competitor. He also argues that it’s the job of your clients to raise price objections and that you need to be prepared with different strategies on how to handle them.

Here are parts 1 and 2 of his videos –

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