AA-ISP Inside Sales Conference in Dallas, Nov. 3rd

The Inside Sales 2015 Conference series will be held in Dallas on November 3rd.

Topics will include the CRM Tools, Sales Training, Leadership and Coaching, Employee Motivation, and Lead Generation Services.

Duane Cummings, author and consultant, will be the keynote speaker. Mr. Cummings wrote The Sensational Salesman: A Second Chance Story: Providing a Simple Path to Improving Your Relationships, Career, and Life.

The book is a parable of a salesman who faces hardships but eventually rebounds with the help of mentors. The author focuses on both personal and professional development with lessons on building and maintaining relationships, setting goals and other tools you need to be successful.

The one day conference will also feature several popular speakers, including Steve Richard, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of VorsightBP, Josh Evans, SVP of Sales at Velocify, Marcheta A. Gardner, Client Manager at IBM, Nancy Munro, CEO of KnowledgeShift, and Sean Kester, Head of Product at SalesLoft.

Great advice for sales managers

In the video below, Bob Perkins, founder of AA-ISP, offered three tips for sales managers. He discussed how important is it to create a motivating cultural and to ensure that salespeople are valued. He advises sales managers to do the following –

1). Make prospecting sales calls with your sales team. Among other things, this will help sales managers gain credibility with their sales team. This is important because too often sales managers are either busy working in an office, or attending department level meetings, and don’t always have a good understanding of what is going on in the real world. Getting on the sales floor and showing your team that you are willing to get in the trenches with them is a major morale buster. It reminds me of the movie “Patton”, where the general at one point decides to walk among his troops along a dirt road.  Sometimes you need to walk the same path with your sales team to gain their respect and earn their credibility.

2). Delegate. He advises sales managers to delegate some projects to team members. Not only does this relieve the sales manager’s workload, but it also shows that he respects his team members to be problem solvers. He argues that team members will feel valued and invested in the sales process. I should add that is this also a good way of grooming future managers down the road. Too often when sales managers leave or are promoted, companies are faced with the daunting task of hiring or promoting a new manager. By giving team members a chance to solve problems and work on projects, you will begin to see who your next potential new manager may be.

3). Make it personal. Take team members out to lunch or dinner. Take the time to get to know your salespeople as human beings and that you care about them. Great advice!  Some sales managers will only treat their salespeople as meal tickets rather than as real people who have goals to achieve and problems to resolve.

Here is the video of Bob Perkins advice –