5 Ways to help Angry Customers

angry customerWe all have to deal with angry customers at some point in our careers. That’s especially true if you work in inside sales or customer service. What are the best ways to handle those types of clients?

1). Listen and don’t interrupt

One of the best ways of dealing with angry customers is to let them vent. Sure, it’s hard to do. But the more they complain, the more they will let it out of their system. When I’m listening to a client vent, I always take good notes. It helps me better understand their problems, and I can refer to them during our conversation. Just remain calm and don’t take it personally.

2). Admit the mistake and apologize

If you know for a fact that your company made a mistake, admit it, and offer a sincere apology. Whatever you do, don’t argue. That will only make the client angrier. Also, try to use the client’s name a few times during your conversation. It’s better than saying “yes, sir” or “yes, ma’am.” Using the client’s name goes a long way in making it sound more personal.

3). Try to find a solution without transferring to a manager or someone else

Nothing makes a customer angrier than being transferred to someone else. If you know you can solve the problem, solve it yourself. Don’t pass the buck.

4). Try to avoid putting the client on hold

Yes, sometimes you don’t know the answer and you have to put a client on hold. If possible, try not to do that – it will only make your client angrier.

5). Always follow-up

Once the problem has been resolved, it’s always a good idea to follow-up a few days later. You can call or send an email. But let the client know that you sincerely care about him and want to make sure everything is OK.

Angry customers can be toxic to your company. With social media these days, a few angry comments on Yelp, Google Reviews or industry discussion boards can be a death sentence to your company unless you rapidly respond. The sooner you deal with it, the better.