How to get past the gatekeeper, Part 1

The gatekeeper. Every salesperson’s nightmare. You know what I mean – the person who is preventing you from reaching the decision-maker. How do you get past the gatekeeper?

In the next few posts, I will share with you videos from YouTube from experts who will offer their advice. In my last post, I will offer you my opinions.

Alan Gordon, the author of “The Big Book of Sales,” offers several techniques below in his video on how to deal with “the put-off.” For example, when someone says “just send me something in the mail,” rather than just send it, ask needs development questions to determine exactly what the prospect is seeking. Sure, you can send a bunch of brochures and wait until Hell freezes over before your prospect calls you back; but the better solution is narrowing down what really interests your prospect. Mr. Gordon offers other techniques too.

Here is his video –

Ann Wagner, the author, argues that your goal isn’t to get past the gatekeeper, but work with that person and try to develop a relationship. Ms. Wagner feels that you should offer the gatekeeper a value proposition or elevator pitch, e.g., that you are offering a product or service that solves a particular problem the company has. While some sales experts argue that you shouldn’t leave a message with the gatekeeper, Ms. Wagner takes the opposite position. By working closely with the gatekeeper and keeping that person in the loop, Ms. Wagner believes that you will have a better chance of reaching the decision-maker.

Here is her video below –