How to handle Price Objections, Part 2

In part 1 of this post, I included three YouTube videos from sales experts on how they would handle price objections. Below are three more videos to help you.

Victor Antonio, from the Sellinger Group – Sales Coaching and Motivation, argues that customers are so focused on price that they don’t see how badly they need your service or product. Your goal as a salesperson is to create a sense of urgency. He also makes a very good point that using visuals is more effective when trying to convince prospects to buy from you.

Here is his video below –

Scott J. Vail, from The Customer Servant, argues that you need to empathize with clients when they raise price objections and that you need to stress the value of your service or product.

Here is his video below –

Chris Murray, author of The Extremely Successful Salesman’s Club & Selling with Ease, offers his suggestion for handling price objection in his video below –

In part 3 of this post, I will offer my own suggestions and discuss the key takeaways about how to overcome price objections.