The Challenger Sale, Good or Bad Advice? Part 3

In part 1 of the post, I provided videos from those who support The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation. In part 2, I presented the opposite point of view. In this post, I provide videos from others who are taking a mixed position in the book.

Andy Boyd from 3M’s industrial sales team likes the Challenger Sale concept. While the Challenger Sale approach works well for the top 13% of salespeople, he argues that the majority of salespeople are having a tough time adopting it. Mr. Boyd believes in order to use the Challenger Sale more effectively, you need to first make a connection and build trust with your clients through storytelling. If this is not done, then salespeople risk over challenging their clients and losing the sale. In short, he argues you need to combine both the Challenger Sale approach and storytelling to get the best results.

Here is his video –

Geoff James, a sales columnist, and author feels that much of the material in The Challenger Sale book is a repackaging of other information that has been written already. While he doesn’t dismiss the research in the book, he argues that you can’t replicate the skills of other top salespeople.

Here is his video below –