Are you unique enough?

the power of uniquenessSince starting this blog a month ago and also tying this to a Twitter account, I’ve received 9 requests to purchase Twitter followers.

Now, I’m not going to discuss the ethics or wisdom of purchasing followers. I will save that for a future post. However, today I’m going to discuss the power of uniqueness. You see, all 9 of the Twitter followers making the request are using the same Header Photo from I’m assuming that if I go through one of the Twitter followers of my account, and purchase Twitter followers, that particular follower will receive some type of payment or commission.

But if you are going to offer a service, shouldn’t you at least be a little unique about it? Shouldn’t you try to stand out of the crowd? I mean, when 9 Twitter followers are using the very same Header Photo slogan “Speed Up Your Twitter Marketing Campaign” and are using the very same pictures of different packages and price offers, it makes me suspicious.  I mean, c’mon. You couldn’t find another picture for your Header Photo to make you stand out – even a little?!? What is going to inspire me from purchasing followers from one follower vs. another follower? Nothing.

And that’s where the power of uniqueness comes into play. Many vendors sell or closely sell the same types of products or services. But to make yourself stand out and generate more sales, you need to show uniqueness – at least in the eyes of the consumer. Do you want to buy a suit from Walmart or Brooks Brothers? It depends on your taste and budget. Both retailers have a unique brand that caters to a different market. Walmart is going after the discount crowd while Brook Brothers is going after the fashionable crowd. Who’s right? Both are – because each knows their own market and are going after different consumers.

And really, when you think about it, that’s what branding is all about. It’s about being unique – making yourself look different from your competitors who may sell or closely sell what you are offering.

So the next time you want to sell followers on Twitter – be a little unique. It may go a long way of helping you make more money.