Social Media Strategies Summit from Sept. 23-24 , San Francisco

Social Media Strategies conferenceThe Social Media Strategies Summit will be held from September 23-24 in San Francisco.

Agenda items will include “Content creation – Becoming a storytelling marketer,” “Building cross-functional social media and content teams,” “Empowering your employees and fans,” “Craig Dodge Lite,” “Case Study: GoDaddy’s social content strategy and execution,” and “Funny or Die case study: Optimizing social engagements and reacting to results.”

Speakers will include Greg Schindler from Funny or Die, Crystal MacKenzie from Rotten Tomatoes, Marcel Santilli from HP, Jon Baugh from Target, Bruce Wilson from Trapit, Inc., Melissa Joy Kong from Product Hunt and Kirsten Chiala from Cisco.

The conference also has a series of excellent blogs. I recommend that you check them out.