How to sell Advertising, Part 1

Is advertising dead? It really depends on who you talk to. As we all know, many print newspapers are having a tough time attracting advertisers. However, we are seeing more digital ads these days – not just for newspapers, but also for magazines, websites, blogs, newsletters and niche publications.

But don’t rule out print advertising just yet.

For example, as reported in DigiDay last year, many digital publishers are going back to print. However, the difference is that they are creating more niche printed publications with higher subscriptions fees but lower circulation rates. While many readers these days still prefer digital over print, there is enough of a demand for print that publishers (and advertisers) are willing to fulfill.

The key, as reported in DigiDay, is that publishers must offer high quality content in print to meet that demand.

Smart advertisers are beginning to realize that you need to cover your bases when it comes to reaching potential clients. While digital advertising will always be popular, you can’t ignore print either. As Ryan R. Dohrn, President/Founder of 360 Ad Sales Training and Strategy, points out in the video of part 2 of this post, you need to reach your target audience in “multiple ways on multiple days.”

I have never sold digital advertisements. However, I did sell both print classified and display ads for a small community newspaper publishing company in Silver Spring, MD several years ago. It was strictly an inside sales job. Unlike my colleagues who sold strictly display ads, I was always successful in selling both classified and display ads over the phone without any face-to-face appointments. However, I did visit a couple of clients (restaurants) and I was able to sell ads to them.

I had no formal training. No coaching. There was no marketing department.  I basically sat at a desk and made cold calls. My “prospect” list was The Yellow Pages. Sometimes we would look through other local newspapers and magazines and find leads that way. Despite my lack of training and good qualified leads, I was fairly successful at selling ads. However, I eventually quit the job because the publishing company was having financial problems. The company – and the building it was located in – no longer exists.

There are many experts who feel there is a future in advertising sales. In this post and a couple of others, I will share with you their advice on how you can successful sell ads.

Evan Carmichael has some very good advice for selling ads to small business owners. Here is his advice – 1). Target your market, 2). Reduce the risk, and 3). Helping with the creative.

Here is his video –

Below is a funny video from Niche Media on how to sell advertising in magazines. Here are the steps they advise you to take – 1). Pre-Call Planning, 2). Plan of Accomplishment 3). Approach, 4). Probing Questions, 5). Consulting Selling 6), Advertiser Goals 7). Unique Value Statement, 8). Trial Close, 9). Objections 10). Close, and 11). Confirm Next Step

Bob McInnis discusses how to eliminate upfront stalls and objections when making your first cold call to a client about selling advertisements.

Here is his video –