Today is Pack Rat Day (really)

pack rat

Salespeople, along with many office workers, have a bad habit of being pack rats. You know when I mean. Your desk or files are jammed with old compensation reports, sales literature, marketing brochures, and an array of other documents that you have never gotten around to properly file or read.

We are so busy making sales calls, trying to hit or exceed our quotas, and traveling to trade shows, and we just let our documents pile up.

Computers were supposed to eliminate paper – you know, “paperless” offices. However, I suspect the opposite is true. We are now dealing with more paper than ever because some of us just don’t trust our computers to safely secure our documents.

In celebration of you and all pack rats, today is official “Pack Rat Day.” Yes, it’s an official holiday. No one has any idea of the origin of the day. I’ve done some research online and I couldn’t find anything.

To all you packrats out there, here is some advice – it’s time to let go. Believe me, the less clutter you have in your office, the better off and more productive you will be.