Decision Makers, Part 1

One of the biggest mistakes salespeople make is not always talking to the right person – the decision-maker. You may spend days – if not weeks – talking to someone. You have done a presentation or webinar or two. Maybe the prospect has done a trial or two of your product or service. You have great rapport. You feel that you and the prospect are hitting it off well and you can almost see the money coming in.

And then it happens – he’s not the decision-maker! In fact, he may not even be an employee, but an intern hired by someone to keep him busy or just do research.

You want to scream. You want to hit your fist against the wall. All that time wasted – but it could have been avoided if you have just taken the time to find out who the decision-maker is.

Below and in the next few posts, are videos from YouTube on how sales experts would find the decision-maker –

Rachel Gordon, a sales executive, suggests that you simply have to come out and ask who the decision-maker is.

Here is her video below –

Jill Konrath, author, and speaker offers three ways of finding the right decision-maker.

Here is her video below –