How to handle the Hang Up

It happens. You are making cold calls and a prospect hangs up on you.

What do you do? Well, if you are most salespeople, you simply scratch the prospect off your list and continue making more phone calls.

But should you? Maybe you should call the prospect back. That’s right! Because if you call him back, he may be so shocked by your persistence and guts, that he will give you a few minutes to make your pitch.

I’ve done this before in my sales career. I would call a prospect, he would hang up on me, and I would suddenly call back and say “Sorry Mr. Prospect, but it appears we got disconnected. Do you have a few minutes to speak?” About 90% of the time, the prospect will apologize and allow me to speak.

Below is a great video from YouTube that illustrates the same strategy that I’ve used. Check it out and let me know what you think –